May 31, 2011

May Movie Review

Short blurbs and A-F school-like grading of movies I’ve seen this past month, plus initial reactions to any upcoming movies for which I’ve seen trailers. My grading tries not to account for my enjoyment of the movie (i.e. Plan 9 would get an F but I'd still laugh a lot).

The Green Hornet*
C+ Everything about this movie was just okay. The acting was passable, the script could have been worse, and the action and special effects were certainly there, I guess. It wasn't a waste of time, but...
B An interesting mix of real psychological horror and more traditional monster fare and it's mostly well done and sorta plausible even, removing most of the supernatural suspension of disbelief usually required. Thankfully it tends to favor the unnerving/creepy over the cheap spooks. Felt like two movies, though, what with the very different second half.
D+ Low-budget, bizarre, hokey, and Japanese — yes, it's got all the ingredients for a niche cult flick and I see why it holds just such a status. While it's god-awful, you can tell the creators were having a ball being mostly-independent and that it was a labor of love. Especially enjoyed the character designs in the DVD extras.

* I actually saw this last month but forgot to include it in April's movie reviews.

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