As a person, I'm not that interesting. I do software development for a living. I work five days a week, an average of eight hours a day. I like to watch the occasional movie, at home or at the theater; play video games; read news; etc. I eat, sleep, shower, and repeat. I live with my girlfriend. We rent a house. I rarely have exciting news for the family and friends.

I think I have interesting ideas. I like to rant. I like to get philosophical, discuss finer topics of programming, or just musings on life. These tend to be “big picture” things that don't necessarily deal with my day-to-day life. My day-to-day life is boring. My ideas… less so, perhaps.

As such, I don't plan to use this blog to bore you with how my kids are doing (I don't have any anyway) or with what we had for dinner last night. This isn’t deep-dark-secrets time or life-has-just-been-so-stressful-lately time.

I do plan to talk about philosophy. I'm interested in how our minds work, how we evolved as a species, and how societies work. I'm especially into libertarianism, freedom, and all things that extend from those foundational principles. I also really enjoy studying religion, theism, and the history of both. Growing up middle-class in the southern United States, I'm particularly interested in Christian theology and specifically biblical criticism.

I also plan to talk about my craft. I program for a living. I have BS in Computer Science. I tend to favor .NET and other Microsoft technologies, but I'm flexible and always willing to learn new things to increase my expertise. I'm interested in the business of software as much as the process itself. I'll talk a lot about specific things in .NET, such as tricks and things I've learned or had to workaround. Often they are as much for my future benefit (in remembering) as they are for anyone else.

And lastly, I will occasionally talk about my own life. I'll try to shy away from the boring and truly personal, when possible, and hopefully only bring them up when they fit into a larger point or some other topic I want to address. I'm not interested in navel gazing, travelogues, or convincing you that my life is worth reading about (it isn't and neither, I'm sorry to say, is yours). If you really must do the “social networking” thing with me, there are a few avenues open to you. But for the most part I can't be bothered.

I'm just one more meatbag walking around on this Earth for a short while. But ideas are immortal. Knowledge is power. In some small way, I want to further the exchange of ideas. Add to the discussion. In the long term, that is the most important thing we can do as a species.