Apr 17, 2014

Anime Review: The World God Only Knows: Goddesses

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The World God Only Knows: GoddessesWhen I last spoke of TWGOK, I labeled it “the Bruce Springsteen of anime”. My reasoning was simple. In full disclosure I am not a Springsteen fan (not out of dislike merely ignorance), but to me Springsteen represents a kind of musical phenomenon that is easy to like because it does what it does so well. He's not that innovative, really, but damn if he isn't charming and fun and catchy and makes you feel good. TWGOK is that: it takes the harem genre and puts a nice spin on it without really deconstructing it or innovating otherwise… but it's so wonderfully executed it doesn't even matter.

Feb 6, 2014

Anime Review: Ore no Imōto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai.

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OreImo 2 title/logoThus continues the tale of our violent model-by-day otaku-by-night heroine and her frustrated and confused brother. Kirino has returned from America ready to get back into her semi-secret hobby. What’s that? You don’t remember her actually leaving for America? Season two here picks up after the “True Route” extra four episodes, which weren’t televised (and thus sadly aren’t on Crunchyroll), the first of which is a replacement for the last televised episode.  Just like the first season, there’s more hijinks, incest overtones, nerdy anime fandom, with a dash of S&M and Lolita. So, basically, more of the same, which could be a good or bad thing depending on how well you liked the first season.

Jan 2, 2014

Anime Review: Ano Natsu de Matteru

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AnoNatsu title/logoClassically animated in style but with plenty of modern technical prowess, this series takes us through “that fateful summer” as our protagonist meets, falls for, and inevitably gets tangled up with a new transfer student who is as beautiful as she is eccentric. If that synopsis sounds a bit too familiar, that’s because it is. But don’t let that turn you off! While it isn’t anything new, the quality of animation, direction, music, and screenplay combine to make a solidly excellent series with only a few issues. Been itchin’ for another good romance/drama? I suggest you keep reading. (Note: haters should keep reading too, because… because don’t leave me…)