May 4, 2011

April Movie Review

Short blurbs and A-F school-like grading of movies I’ve seen this past month, plus initial reactions to any upcoming movies for which I’ve seen trailers. My grading tries not to account for my enjoyment of the movie (i.e. Plan 9 would get an F but I'd still laugh a lot).

Sucker Punch (IMAX!)
A- Visually and aurally stupendous. Home theater won't do it justice. Yes, there's a lot of geek pandering, but it's surprisingly more deep and meaningful. A few problems with its convoluted story and, in particular, ending hold it back from being perfect; it nevertheless delivered everything I want in a movie.
True Grit
B+ The acting is solid, and I see why it's the girl's break-out role, but the whole thing is still a remake with a limited scope. It ends up lacking the punch that a revenge story should have and has a rather unsatisfying end. Decent as far as Westerns go, though.


  1. Your review of Sucker Punch is dead on. I remember hearing a bunch of bad reviews saying how confusing it was and how it didn't make any sense. I know most people have some kind of sense but I'm still amazed at how completely dense they can be. It seemed like to make the movie completely understandable to most people they should've just shown the director sitting in a room, after the movie, explaining exactly what they just saw. I know that we can't all be psychologists but...

    1. "should've just shown the director sitting in a room"

      Hah. Yeah, I know what you mean. It was frenetic and highly symbolic, but come on people use your brains a little bit. Pay attention!