Jan 15, 2012

Your Useless Gossip Trivia For the Month

Recently held: the People’s Choice Awards! (Dun dundun duuuun!)

Now, I’m not one to normally pay attention to celeb gossip like this, but the shit storm that erupted on Twitter about it caught my eye. I found it hilarious that everyone was shocked (shocked!) that Chloe Moretz won in the Favorite Movie Star Under 25 category, particularly when she was up against four (four!) Harry Potter stars in a year when the finale to end all finales, Deathly Hallows Part 2 was sweeping every other award (it won Favorite Book Adaptation, Favorite Ensemble Movie Cast, Favorite Action Movie, and the top spot of Favorite Movie).

She’s a fairly good actress who is popular enough, but how did she manage to win against the HP fandom’s sheer numbers? Well, ol’ Sean is here to school you all. It’s simple really, though I cannot confirm since the PCA folks don’t give out final vote counts as far as I can find.

She won because the HP vote was split.

Much like Ross Perot ensured Slick Willy would win (and he did, with a measly 43% even) by splitting the Republican and independent vote, Ms. Moretz won because HP fans were split between Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Draco.

I also kind of feel bad for her, since it’s gotta be just a teensy bit annoying to hear all this “how did she win against four HP actors!!!” instead of “OMG GRATZ!” and the like.

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