Nov 1, 2011


On Nov. 8th, we'll be voting in Arkansas to approve a bond for the Highway Dept. so that they can fund massive interstate projects (either to repair existing or lay new interstate roads).

On paper, it doesn't sound that bad. Roads, and the interstate ones in particular, are some of the more libertarian-friendly functions of the gub'mint.

It will most likely be approved overwhelmingly, as the ol' Governor got to repeat several times (and slowly, I'm sure, for us laymen are a bit dumb at times) how it involves no new or increased taxes (!). He also got to pose with folks from both the Republican and Democratic parties of our legislature.

Frankly, unanimous agreement like that between the parties and between the branches is a major red flag to me. But I'm trying hard not to come off as a complete contrarian.

The money comes from the federal level and it is done through something called GARVEE bonds. I had to look it up, too, don't feel bad. Anyway, it's FHWA money, hence the "no new or increased taxes" mantra.

But you know, I kinda like how some governors rejected federal stimulus dollars a few years back. I like the idea that just because they're opening up the national coffers you don't immediately suckle from the teat like a starving lamb. It makes us as a state more self-sustaining, as we take on only what we can pay for ourselves without robbing the rest of these United States to do it. "A fool and his money are soon parted" and all that, I know. But still, why can't we take the high road and say no thanks?

But, much as before, none of my moralizing will matter, and this thing will pass. I'll try to look surprised when the final statistics on the dismal voter turnout are released.

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