Oct 28, 2011

Halloween Retrospective and Prospective

Since All Hallows’ Eve is nigh upon us, I've been preparing this year's outfit. I don't have it quite finished just yet, so pictures will have to wait. This year, I will be going as Vincent from the game Catherine, specifically his nightmare form.

Warning: this is an image heavy post!

Vincent from the game Catherine

Yes, I plan to be freezing my nipples off. But I do it for science! Or maybe just because what the hell. Hopefully, I won’t look as stupid as this guy (I probably will). In a show of support, my girlfriend is going as a sheep.

In the interest of cataloging my past pursuits, I present to you a brief look back at past endeavors into trickery and treating.

2010 - Terry BogardMe as Terry Bogard in three side-by-side poses

The Ryu analogue in SNK's Fatal Fury series (though he appeared in other stuff by SNK, too). Despite the fact that you can easily find a real one for sale, we custom painted the hat. Originally I wasn't going to have a wig, but it turned out better than I thought. The star I cut out and glued to the back of the jacket was misshapen and ugly. At the last minute I got to reuse the muscle shirt from the previous year, its alterations conveniently hidden by the shirt and jacket.

Number of folks at the party who knew who I was: 2

(one of those helped/suggested the idea originally anyway, so he shouldn't even count; the other was his girlfriend, and she only knew because she was there watching us talk about it and put it together in the weeks prior)

2009 - KenshiroMe as Kenshiro in two poses

The hyper-masculine brute from Fist of the North Star. The fake eyebrows were a big hit, even to those who didn't know the character. My best friend's girlfriend could not stop laughing every time she saw me. The leather armband was cool as hell, borrowed from a friend who happened to own the pair purchased at a ren-faire from a guy who stitched, painted, carved, and cured the damn things by hand. Beautiful work, really. I had to be extra careful not to sully it.

Number of folks at the party who knew who I was: 3

(this includes the same two from 2010 and for the same reasons, but also another guy who wasn't there for 2010 or would have been counted above as well)

2008 - Ash Williamsash

The boomstick-totting hero of the Evil Dead series, specifically his Army of Darkness incarnation (and particularly the corresponding poster). We had fun ripping up and bloodying the shirt, and I'm always cool with wearing multiple belts in odd ways. Do you know how hard it is to find good toy guns anymore? They're all crap! Damn "think of the children" laws. While not pictured, I had a toy rifle and a really shitty “chainsaw” prop I made out of cardboard and spray paint.

2007 – Mormon ElderMe praying in holy Latter-Day Saint fashion

Yeah… well, I was having trouble thinking of anything good that year, so this one was a rather lazy one admittedly. I seem to recall another friend going as a Mormon, too, only his was better since he also had the token backpack and bike helmet.

From 2004 – 2006 I don’t remember doing anything for Halloween… unfortunately. I was a really bad loser, loner, and stick in the mud those years and I regret it deeply. Frankly, I’m amazed my friends put up with my stupid ass.

2003 - Some kind of scene/punk thingMe as a punk type thing in two poses

Well, it was a last-minute (like, the day of) hasty assembly of random shit we had around the dorm room. This was my first year of college, so... hence crazy stuff on the desk and walls you can kinda see. This was the last year I actually did the door-to-door trick-or-treating. Got a lot of comments about being too old for it. Screw you — gimme some candy!

2002 - Arsène Lupin IIIMe as Lupin the Third

The boorish Bond of Lupin the Third, specifically his Miyazaki Castle of Cagliostro form. Admittedly pretty easy, but it was still fun. My best friend's costume stole the show, though: he, with the help of his mom's sewing and dad's woodworking skills, put together the most awesome Riku costume ever complete with a life-sized crafted key-blade. If only there had been cosplay competitions in our area (or state, for that matter). Shame I don’t have any pictures of him in that. Despite our age, we still went trick-or-treating and scored lots o’ loot, too.

And that’s about all I can remember for now.

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