Mar 30, 2011

March Movie Review

Short blurbs and A-F school-like grading of movies I’ve seen this past month, plus initial reactions to any upcoming movies for which I’ve seen trailers. My grading doesn't account for my enjoyment of the movie (i.e. Plan 9 would get an F but I'd still laugh a lot).

Tangled (3D!)
B+ I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought, the songs were few and not terrible (though a bit forgettable), the animation top notch, and the tone and story generally fun and rarely lagging. Still, it was very Hollywood safe (like Megamind) and very much standard Disney fare.
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
B- Visually superb, keeps up the pace well, a good solid adventure flick that's easy to follow. Easily the weakest of the Narnia films thus far, due mostly to the source material. The cantankerous cousin stole the show for me.

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