Feb 27, 2011

January and February Movie Review

Short blurbs and A-F school-like grading of movies I’ve seen this past month, plus initial reactions to any upcoming movies for which I’ve seen trailers. My grading doesn't account for my enjoyment of the movie (i.e. Plan 9 would get an F but I'd still laugh a lot).

Megamind (3D!)
B+ Biggest weakness is that it is very Hollywood safe; and yet, it's well written and casted, so still very enjoyable. But don't expect anything revolutionary, experimental, or artsy.
The Social Network
A- Well acted and the dialog is quite sharp and witty, but the story feels a bit mundane at times due to its "based on a true story" reliance. A definite drama; don't expect much else out of it.
Sucker Punch Trailer
Daddy likey. I hope this is good, but kinda like Tron: Legacy even if the plot is weak the spectacle alone will be worth it I imagine.

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