Aug 30, 2010

My doppelgänger didn't fare too well

Apparently I died in the World Trade Center bombing.

Which is odd because I seem to recall having to leave morning class early to go with the other kids into the school auditorium and watch the news unfold on this TV, wheeled out onto the stage on one of those A/V carts, that was far too small for an entire audience of kids and faculty to make out much of anything.

Bonus: I was also an ADR dude for Star Trek III, even though I hadn’t been born quite yet. (ST3 premiered in June; it would be six more months before I was done bakin’ in my momma’s oven.)

I had to Google to find a link, but I've known about my name in the Star Trek credits since I was very young and watched it with family. (The WTC thing was new to me, though.)

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