Jun 29, 2012

The Recent Ruling

It doesn't count as kindness if you have to steal to do it.

If you support policies to steal my money to pay for some stranger's insurance, that doesn't count as compassion on your part. It's just lazy and immoral.

It's lazy because if you really want to help them, you should do something about it yourself, not force me to be your unwilling proxy. It's immoral because you stole from me to do what you thought was good. I realize you have good intentions, but stealing bread to feed your starving kids is still stealing. We can sympathize, which might get you forgiveness, but it won't erase the crime.

I love humanity, I do. I want people to be prosperous and healthy. I want them to be safe from those that would harm us. I truly believe, across all political spectra, that most folks want these things, too. We don't disagree on the goal, just the path to get there.

The Supreme Court ruling was wrong. ObamaCare is wrong. Not because I don't want people to have access to quality healthcare, but because it's the wrong way to do it. We can be better than this. We shouldn't have to steal just to ensure that people don't die from preventable/curable conditions, etc.

The end does not justify the means. Because in the end, all we have are means. And immoral means are still immoral means.

If we all agree on the goal, why don't we see if there's a moral way to get there first? Don't assume that force is the only path. Don't let the politics cloud your reasoning. Be open to hear alternative and potentially superior ideas. Be eager to look for them yourself.

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