May 26, 2011

The Post Apocalypse Post

By now you’ve probably heard that the Christians are still here.

I enjoy The Thinking Atheist’s videos. They’re always impeccably produced, with an air of quality and refinement far above what you usually get on the Tube of You.

That said, I always get slightly unnerved watching them. They always feel as though the writers are barely holding back jumping for joy when they get to slam Christianity on something (in this case, the false prediction of Harold Camping). That often-thinly-veiled jubilation at making digs at religious folks always irks me, but admittedly never enough to turn me off from watching them.

I guess it is because even if I agree with them on the whole there not being any gods thing, I don’t find any joy in making cheap shots at “the other team”…

You gotta admit: with as much trashing as Christianity gets every day, there are next to no violent acts performed in response. Unlike certain other religions, Christians seem to be pretty good sports at taking it and respecting free speech. I’m not saying heated debates don’t rage on YouTube every time any religious video is posted, but that’s a far cry from shootings or, worse, beheadings.

Of course, if you ask me, I think that Good Natured Sport quality stems more from the kind of people that tend to be Christians rather than anything inherent to Christianity itself (or said unnamed religion). Christians tend to come from well-to-do, relatively-free countries like the US and UK, which I think explains most of the tolerance displayed. It is inherent to the culture rather than the religion, really, since I don't think most people take their faith that seriously.

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