Mar 7, 2011

Fascinating interconnections

I’ll probably touch on this same riff many times over the years writing entries, but I can’t stress enough how the internet makes possible bizarrely random and awesome connections.

Case in point, I bring you this gem. I don’t know what to say about it. It floored me.

What floors me again and again, long after the surreal effect of watching this dude, and on many other videos and things, is how I ended up there. I won’t go into how, specifically, but I’m sure you can guess based on the fact that the video doesn’t get much traffic that it is fairly obscure all things considered (even within the microcosm of YouTube).

What particularly interests me is thinking that this guy had no idea how far reaching, both in number and in distance, the impact of his preparing, recording, and posting publically this video would go. That some guy and his girlfriend in Arkansas would find themselves late one Monday night jaws agape and eyes wide trying to take in all of this weirdness all at once and going into overload.

Who else has seen it? Who were they with? Where were they? In a weird way, I’m connected, if only on one common strand, to all the rest who saw this, and yet it’s likely we’ll never know, never meet, never cross paths, or anything beyond this one common ground.

And this kind of ethereal “connecting” of shared experiences happens so often each day to us all. Sure, as humans we’ve always thrived on shared experiences, but only the internet really makes possible this kind of mind-boggling distribution.

Just wow.

Also, the video. God damn.

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