Jan 11, 2011

Welcoming a new family member

Isn’t it adorable?

In my many years of using computers, I’ve never truly gotten to build a “dream machine”. I’ve always made do with Frankenstein monsters that I’ve cobbled together with a part bought here or there to keep going as the technology progressed. Or the dreaded “family computer” that’s shared and was purchased by parents without so much as a keen eye for specific hardware.

Mostly it has been a matter of money, which I did not have previously at my disposal. Even after getting a job, necessities took priority like mattresses, furniture, appliances, etc., and before you know it I’m still without a decent home computer of my own.

Well, this Christmas, I decided to change that finally. I would build exactly what I wanted, with little compromising.

My goal, as you’ll soon see, was future-proofing. I intend to spend well, but wisely, in order that this last for many years to come by anticipating future upgrades.

In the next few posts, I’ll cover both the specs and why I picked what as well as a fun adventure with photos as I put ‘er all together.

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