Jan 10, 2011

The weather outside is frightful

It always amuses me to watch the local collective freak-out whenever the weatherman declares “Snow’s a’comin’!” Bread, milk, and eggs go into zombie apocalypse rationing and schools and banks close faster than a cock-tease’s legs.

What can explain this mass hysteria? It isn’t like snow is unseen in these parts — in fact, we usually get a good dusting once or twice a year at least. And yet, without fail, it’s always like this.

Well, I suppose I can’t complain too much. My employer is one of those that shuts down at the first sign of ice, so I do get a free paid holiday…

More photos here.


  1. @Steve Finnell I appreciate the offer, though I suspect by your extensive blog subscription list that you either solicit followers en masse or you are an incredibly fast reader with a lot of free time. I'm thinking more the former, since if you had taken even a cursory glance at my own profile you'd know that as a humanist (you may read that as "atheist" if it will make this point easier to understand) I haven't got much interest in a Christian blog. I do enjoy studying the Christian bible critically, but I'm not interested in the community or apologetics. Thanks anyway, though.

    Despite our differing opinions on religion, you might find my blog interesting for other reasons, since I mostly talk about programming and free markets more so than theology.