Jan 4, 2011

Bird droppings

By now everyone’s heard of our dead animal epidemic. So far, there aren’t any real results in from the vets on why, so far as I’ve read. Still, it was parroted around all day today at work. We (that is, as our state) love getting our fifteen minutes.

While I’m interested to eventually hear what actually probably happened once they’ve had time to figure it out, I mostly just enjoyed watching the slams fly on /.:

Maybe the birds realized they were in Arkansas and figured suicide was really the only way out.
I got arrested traveling through Arkansas once. They got me for contraband. I had a bunch of books. I got off on a technicality: no one could prove they were books....
The birds were hit by emanations from the Arkansas school system, and promptly forgot how to fly.

And my favorite...

Arkansas - America's Somalia.

As someone who’s not big on tribalism, I have no problem with people slamming our state. It’s often much deserved and I often am the one doing it. (As if I were somehow obviously exempt from the label “Arkansan”).

It's also an interesting live experiment in tangents as you can literally watch the conversation get hijacked by a vegan/PETA debate on eating meat and then one on existence of god. Great sociology fun! The tangential stuff easily makes up half or more of the comments, which is probably because just about anything is more interesting than Arkansas on a slow news day.

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