Oct 27, 2010

2010 voting roundup, ballot issues

Because I am not ashamed by my opinions (as if that wasn’t already clear from previous posts) and because I‘d like a record of my reasoning for posterity and possible future curiosity, I’ll run down my votes on this year’s ballot.

This will be my first full voting escapade. I voted in the 2004 election, during college, though only for president. I was naïve and didn’t follow politics that much back then, so I voted retar republican. Though I’d take it back if I could, in the end it didn’t matter anyway. Arkansas is a fairly reliable red state (for presidential elections at least).

This year’s ballot issues are depressingly dull and awful, especially when we could have had a fair tax initiative or medical marijuana. Ah well.


I’ve ranted about this previously, so I won’t bother repeating myself. Suffice to say, a big fat NO.

Issue 2, Amending interest rates… *yawn*

I spent a bit trying to figure out what this one was even about. In the end, the best I can conclude is that it removes some previously instated limits on IRs, so… er… well, anything that takes away power from the guvmint I’ll generally give a yes. It's a weak one, though.

Issue 3, Lowering state bond issuing threshold for busnisnsnsss… *snore*

Yeah, this one is even worse than the previous in its snooze-worthiness. Still, it basically strikes what is currently a firmly stated threshold (must invest $500 million and hire over 500 to be considered for taxpayer subsidized money) to a vague non-answer (“eligible under criteria established by law”). If this proposal was a Wikipedia article, it would have [ambiguous] stamped all over it.

Yeah… not too fond of ambiguously worded laws. In fact, I’ll someday write up something on laws having to be black and white. Until then, suffice to say, a simple nope.

I realize, though, that the current wording is pretty limiting and it is far more draconian than other states. But, while lifting that could perhaps help Arkansas better entice business entrepreneurs… um… oh, hey, wait, where does it say the government needs to be in the business of handing out goodies like that? Sorry, as much as I would like to see Arkansas thrive more, the answer isn’t to give kickbacks on my tax dollars.

How about we lower corporate and small business taxes instead? Part of the appeal of Arkansas for some, besides the natural beauty (and as much as I rag on the yokels and hicks, this state is beautiful) is how god damned cheap it is to live here. People retire to Arkansas all the time and it makes fiscal sense particularly if you’re coming from a high-income high-tax state like, say, I dunno, California. What was previously only middle class retirement money suddenly becomes wealthy mogul here. If we make it even cheaper to do business here (just as it already basically is to live), you’ll help business grow by letting them keep more of their revenue. Of course, then you can’t as easily control them by withholding tax credits if they don’t follow the rules. Tsk tsk.

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